The smallest and lightest modern MOS camera

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Technical Data

35mm Film
Lens mount:
54mm PL
Frame rate:
1-75 fps forward
20-30 fps reverse
Mirror shutter:
180° to 45° manually adjustable
Sound level:
Power input:
21 V DC to 35 V DC
Temperature range:
-4°F to 122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
7.7 lbs/ 3.5 kg (with finder)


ARRIFLEX 235 Brochure
ARRIFLEX 235 Manual
3 Perforation Brochure

The ARRIFLEX 235 is a small and lightweight camera designed for handheld and remote applications where size and weight are crucial. The 235 is ideal for Steadicam, car rigs, motorcycle rigs, bicycle rigs, underwater applications, crash housings, aerial photography, etc. It is a great 'C' camera for feature films and perfect for capturing different and spontaneous angles.

ARRIFLEX 235 Spectacularly lightweight, small and compact

The body and viewfinder weigh about 7.7 lbs/ 3.5kg, half the weight of a 435 body and viewfinder. With a smaller and lighter camera it is possible to work faster, use less rigging and utilize lighter support equipment.

ARRIFLEX 235 Maximum mounting flexibility... given by the 235 Side Bracket SBR-1, that can hold the MB-20 matte box, multiple lens motors and/or the Lightweight Follow Focus LFF-1.

The bright and ergonomic optical viewfinder can be freely rotated and extended just like the ARRICAM or 435 viewfinders, allowing for comfortable viewing in any camera position. Through a new and unique optical design viewfinder and video assist are independent of each other, making a switch from handheld to Steadicam very fast and eliminating the need for a 100% video top.

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Sean Strong
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