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800 EI base sensitivity
For beautiful images on night shoots and in low-light conditions
13.5 stops Exposure Latitude
Capture every detail from the brightest highlights to the deepest shadows.
SxS/ProRes Recording
In-camera recording, in either Apple ProRes 422(HQ) or Apple ProRes 4444.
Image Performance
Natural color rendition, excellent color separation and very low image noise
Compact and Lightweight
13.7 lbs/ 6.2 kg

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ALEXA is ARRI's new compact, lightweight and affordable digital camera that will redefine the limits of motion picture capture with ultra-fast workflows and image quality akin to 35mm film. From major motion pictures and high end dramas to commercials, music videos and mainstream TV, ALEXA suits a wide variety of applications and budgets.

The ALEXA Plus adds integrated wireless remote control, the ARRI Lens Data System (LDS), additional outputs, lens synchronization for 3D, and built-in position and motion sensors. It shares ALEXA's image performance, simplicity of operation, reliability in extreme environments and versatility of workflow, and is available either as part of a complete camera package or as an upgrade for the original ALEXA.

Simple User InterfaceALEXA PLUS

The lens mount of the Plus model incorporates LDS contacts, allowing lens data and depth of field to be displayed in the viewfinder or on monitors, and making speed/iris ramps easier. Lens metadata can be recorded using ProRes, HD-SDI or ARRIRAW.

An advanced electronics side cover permits real-time wired or wireless remote control of camera REC/STOP and lens functions like focus and aperture, using either ARRI hand controllers such as the Wireless Compact Unit (WCU-3) or cmotion's modular cvolution system.

Simple User Interface Output Options

ALEXA represents the most efficient and versatile method to transport images, audio and metadata through the production process. This is achieved through a multitude of output options, support for Direct to Edit workflows, complete metadata and integrated color management.

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For further information and availability, please contact:

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Sean Strong
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