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Main Features

Film-like, organic look
extended, clean highlights
extremely low noise floor
natural skin tones
excellent color separation
cinematic depth of field
Wide exposure latitude of 14 stops
EI 800 base sensitivity (EI 160 to EI 3200)
Sharp, natural images for 2K and HD
Separate camera head and body
Highest flexibility on set


Technical Data

Sensor, Frame Rates, Exposure


Software, Brochures, Data Sheets, Technical Info

The ALEXA M is a flexible solution consisting of a separate camera head and body; it is tailored for action and aerial photography, tight corner shots and 3D productions. Based on cutting edge ARRI technologies, the M model features the same sensor, image processing, build quality, efficient workflows and exceptional image quality that have made ALEXA such a worldwide success.

The head and body of the M are connected with a fiber optic cable, which in a hybrid form can also be used for powering the head. Weighing well under 3 kg, the compact front end offers multiple mounting points and versatile maneuverability. Meanwhile the body provides various options for recording images, sound and metadata, accommodating as many different workflows as the standard ALEXA.

Simple User Interface Output Options

The M also comes equipped with 120 fps high speed functionality as standard (120 fps achievable in 16:9. High Speed mode not supported in 4:3).

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For further information and availability, please contact:

New York
Sean Strong
Jesse Klipp
David Morales
Peter Fodero