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Main Features

EI 800 base sensitivity
For beautiful images on night shoots in low-light conditions
14+ stops Exposure latitude
Capture every detail from the brightest highlights to the deepest shadows.
ProRes up to 4444 on CFast 2.0 memory cards Recording
Recording superior HD 1080 or 2K pictures
Image Performance
Same 35 mm sensor as ALEXA, Natural colors and skin tones
Compact and Lightweight
9.2 lbs/ 4.2 kg (camera body with PL lens mount)

Technical Data

Sensor, Frame Rates, Exposure


Software, Brochures, Data Sheets, Technical Info

ARRI Rental proudly introduces ARRI AMIRA, a versatile documentary-style camera that combines exceptional image quality and affordable CFast 2.0 workflows with an ergonomic design optimized for single-operator use and extended shoulder-mounted operation.

Ready to pick up and shoot straight out of the camera bag, AMIRA is hardy enough to take anywhere and features in-camera grading with preloaded 3D LUTs, as well as 200 fps slow motion.

It is suitable for a great variety of production types, from reportage and corporate films to TV drama and low-budget movies, so wherever you are headed and whatever you need to shoot, let AMIRA be your companion


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For further information and availability, please contact:

New York
Sean Strong
Jesse Klipp
David Morales
Peter Fodero
Peter Fodero