Sony F65


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Main Features

20M 8k Sensor
16-bit linear 8K recording
Rotary shutter removes motion artifact
Dynamic Range Rated at 14 Stops
HD-SDI output with viewing LUT for on-set monitoring with focus assist zoom


The Sony F65 Digital Motion Picture Camera has been designed to be the single camera solution to meet the demands of VFX-heavy feature films, while still offering a workflow suitable for episodic television and mid-range productions.

Sony’s Super 35mm-sized sensor for the F65 utilizes 20 Megapixels to output a 4K image by “supersampling” from the 8K of available pixels. Because Sony’s “supersampling” system does not require any cropping of the sensor, the user can also derive 2K or HD images using the full sensor at 16-bit linear RAW.

The Sony F65 offers a full 14-stops of dynamic range with high sensitivity and extremely low noise, allowing cinematographers to capture images that would have previously been impossible, and possibly reducing the lighting kit needed for some shots. The color gamut of the F65 has been measured as surpassing that of traditional film. More dynamic range and the expanded color gamut offer the filmmaker images of increasing depth and subtly.

On the high end, productions can choose to record 16-bit linear RAW images directly from the camera’s sensor. Although 16-bit RAW offers an incredible amount of flexibility in the post production environment, some situations may call for a more lightweight recording. For those productions, the Sony F65 can also record 10-bit or 12-bit images in Sony’s new SRMASTER recording system, built on the HDCAM SR codec. With SRMASTER, users can record virtually and visually lossless at 880 Mbps, 440 Mbps, or even 220 Mbps.

Fast motion and slow motion are easily achievable with the Sony F65. At 4Kx2K resolution the camera can shoot at 1 to 60 frames per second. At 4Kx1K resolution you can over- and undercrank from 1 to 120 frames per second. The reason for keeping the width of the image the same while changing the height is that this allows for high-speed shooting with "windowing," crop factor or any change to the effective focal length of the lens.

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