Frame leader charts have become a very popular method of showing the lab/transfer house where the specific film format will be placed on the film. The camera assistant shoots several feet of a Frame leader chart, either in the rental house or on set, and sends this footage to the lab along with the production footage. The lab then knows the exact size and position of the format on the film negative.

The ARRI Rental Frameleaders for 35mm, 16mm and Digital include all groundglass markings available at ARRI Rental. The pages can be printed and used as template for shooting a Frameleader. They also can be customized online with the names of your Production Company, Product, Director/ DP etc.


ARRI Rental Frameleader 35mm (6.6 MB)
ARRI Rental Frameleader 16mm (2.5 MB)
ARRI Rental Frameleader Digital (1.9 MB)
ARRI Rental Frameleader Complete 35mm, 16mm, Digital (9.9 MB)


For further information and availability, please contact Technical Support Supervisor

Philip Gosiewski