Trucks 26´ Camera Truck
  19´ Truck
20´ Truck
22´ Truck
24´ Truck
26´ Gripper
28´ Gripper
Combi Truck [info]
  with Genny 1000-1200-1400 Amp (charged extra)
with Genny 1400 Amp (charged extra)
with Twin Gennys 1000 / 1400 Amp (charged extra)
Trailers [info]
  32´ Trailer
35´ Trailer
45´ Trailer
Additional Charges and Conditions:
  All gasoline and/or diesel consumed
Operators and/or drivers wages
NOTE: All labor charges must be paid within seven days.

For further information and availability, please contact:

New Jersey
Chris Scott
Hardwrick Johnson