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U.S. Dramatic Competition

U.S.A., 2015, 115 min., color

In 1974, a female TV news reporter aims for high standard in life and love in Sarasota. Florida Missing her mark is not an option. This story is based on true events.

Director of Photography: Joe Anderson
Director: Antonio Campos

Equipment provided from ARRI Rental: ALEXA Plus, Zeiss T2.1, Cooke



How To Tell You’re A Douchebag
U.S.A., 2015, 75 min., color

This romantic comedy follows a misogynist who falls in love.

Director of Photography: Cory Fraiman Lott
Director: Tahir Jetter

Equipment provided from ARRI Rental: ARRIFLEX D-21, Zeiss LDS Ultra primes, Alura



U.S.A., 2015, 110 min., color

It’s 1951, and among the new arrivals at Winesburg College in Ohio are the son of a kosher butcher from New Jersey and the beautiful, brilliant daughter of a prominent alum. For a brief moment, their lives converge in this emotionally soaring film based on the novel by Philip Roth.

Director of Photography: Christopher Blauvelt
Director: James Schamus

Equipment provided from ARRI Rental: ALEXA XT, Super Baltar, Uncoated Super Speed, Cooke Panchro



Maggie's Plan
U.S.A., 2015, 99 min., color

A young woman’s determination to have a child catapults her into a nervy love triangle with a heart-throb academic and his eccentric critical-theorist wife.

Director of Photography: Sam Levy
Director: Rebecca Miller

Equipment provided from ARRI Rental: Alexa Plus, Zeiss Hi Speed, Canon



Manchester By The Sea
U.S.A., 2015, 135 min., color

After his older brother passes away, Lee Chandler is forced to return home to care for his 16-year-old nephew. There he is compelled to deal with a tragic past that separated him from his family and the community where he was born and raised.

Director of Photography: Jody Lee Lipes
Director: Kenneth Lonergan

Equipment provided from ARRI Rental: ALEXA XT, K-35, Zeiss Hi Speed, Canon



Sophie And The Rising Sun
U.S.A., 2016, 116 min., color

In a small Southern town in the autumn of 1941, Sophie’s lonely life is transformed when an Asian man arrives under mysterious circumstances. Their love affair becomes the lightning rod for long-buried conflicts that erupt in bigotry and violence with the outbreak of World War ll.

Director of Photography: Wolfgang Held
Director: Maggie Greenwals

Equipment provided from ARRI Rental: AMIRA, Cooke S4 Primes, Angenieux Optimo



Weiner Dog
U.S.A., 2015, 90 min., color

This film tells several stories featuring people who find their life inspired or changed by one particular dachshund, who seems to be spreading comfort and joy.

Director of Photography: Ed Lachman ASC
Director: Todd Solondz

Equipment provided from ARRI Rental: ALEXA Studio, ALEXA Mini, Cooke S4


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