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Aja KiPro OnBoard Recorder for the ARRIFLEX D-21

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Technical Data

Frame rates:
23.976, 25, 29.97 fps
Recoding Format:
Apple ProRes 422
Apple ProRes 422 HQ
Bit depth:
10 bit
Color sampling:
Storage Module:
250 GB Harddisk
2 hours (ProRes HQ)
4 hours (ProRes)
Signal Input:
Analog Component
Power Consumption:
30 Watt
18 x 7 x 10" (45.7 x 17.8 x 25.4cm)
7.4 lbs (3.6 kg)


KiPro QuickStart (5.7 MB)
KiPro Manual (5.2 MB)

Related Info

The AJA Ki Pro is a portable, rugged tapeless video recording device that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto computer-friendly media. Its various input options, HD-SDI among them, make the KiPro a versatile and flexible recorder which integrates perfectly with the ARRIFLEX D-21.

Aja KiPro mounted on D-21 Aja KiPro mounted on D-21

Its weight, size and power efficiency make the KiPro an ideal onboard recorder for the D-21.

Aja KiPro Connector Panel Aja KiPro Connector Panel

The KiPro offers a variety of input and output options for image and sound.

Intuitive to operate, Ki Pro’s familiar VTR-like buttons provide immediate controls for basic operation. From a distance, users can control operations from a laptop or iPhone through a web browser, via ethernet or WiFi.

Coupled with the full HD output of the ARRIFLEX D-21, the KiPro provides direct transfer to a ready to edit format. Using Ki Pro with Apple Final Cut Pro or any other QuickTime-aware application on set, the production team can have instantaneous real time playback for take selection.

The device records to a removable 250 GB storage module which mounts to any computer via Firewire 800. In ProRes422 HQ (220 Mb/sec) one module holds about 2 hours of footage.

For further information and availability, please contact:

New York
Sean Strong
Jesse Klipp
David Morales
Todd Marshall