Recording Media

Recording media and media stations play an integral part when it is time to set up your ideal production workflow. ARRI offers a selection of recording media that has been catered specifically to offer the best recording performance with ARRI cameras. All supported media combine speed, capacity and performance – the factors required for the recording of high-quality camera footage. 

Having a track record of our own, in all areas of the production process, we understand the importance of a straight-forward workflow. This understanding is what enabled us to make the ALEXA camera a complete game changer. For the first time, productions could record high-quality footage in a ready-to-edit production-quality codec, directly in a digital cinematography camera. We never lost track of this fundamental understanding an continue to introduce new ways of making life easier from set to screen.

Offloading problems with older CFast 2.0 cards

Due to the information we have received during our regular market observance and our investigations, we have to take back our recommendation to use Lexar Professional 3600x CFast 2.0 cards for recording in ARRI cameras. The cards will continue to work in our cameras, but we cannot unreservedly recommend their use any more.

ARRI does not want to give the impression that all Lexar cards are affected. Many customers have been using the Lexar 3600x CFast 2.0 cards for years without experiencing any problems. In fact, only a few users have experienced the aforementioned issue. Therefore, it would be premature to replace every card currently in use. First and foremost we wanted to insure that our customers were made aware of this concern so they could identify a problem at its first occurrence and take the effected cards out of circulation immediately.

The complete information is posted in the ARRI Forum. Please let us know if you have any further questions.



Supported Recording Media Overview